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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


"hot water opens your spores right?"
-oli the mushroom

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Monday, June 25, 2007

UGH i have sore eyes and i look completely disgusting. since thurs i had the sore eye on the right eye and it got so bad my double eyelid expanded like thrice the normal width and my eyebrow moved up half an inch. i looked completely deformed and all i did was tear pus. that was competely disgusting. it hurt so bad! then the next day i woke up with sore eyes on both eyes so i went to see a doctor and i got some medicine and thank god cos it's been getting better! but the eyedrops are so gross. after i drop them into my eye.. i taste it in my throat. i now know that eyedrops taste like crap. i'm going to get so fat now, cos everytime i put my eyedrops, which is like every 2 hours, i have to eat lots of candy to drown the taste and it JUST DOESN'T GO AWAY! so i just end up eating non stop. the first time i ate half a box of icecream. hah. i half don't dare to use the eye cream i'm supposed to put on the inside of my lower eyelid just in case i eat it. and on the box of medication, there's this huge box that says: POISON. i'm like poisoning myself! how disgusting. it's made of wool fat. i didn't know wool has fat. how strange. don't eat wool cos it will make you fat and die. blender says i look like a pontianak. rachel says i look like a monster. i am ostracized from the family because no one wants to get sore eyes! so i am banished from the room. the last time i slept on the bed my mom changed all the pillowcases and bedsheets. everytime i touch someone, they're like, aah! i need to go wash my hands!! POO! so here i am in the room all isolated. if it wasn't for virtual villagers i'd have no company, cos rachel is down with high fever. my whole house is full of germs. raphy and my mom is sick too.. and i think my dad is falling sick already. oli thought she got sore eyes but it doesn't look bad. it would be harder for her to get it cos her eyes are so small HAHA. just kidding oli. now i know what it's like to have leprosy. or sars! i missed camp afterglow and captain's ball!! i'm so sad. now i'l probably going to miss school tmr too. MY DUMBASS VILLAGERS REFUSE ARE SO LAZY EVER SINCE I INCREASED SPIRITUALITY. all they do is walk around and relax, dance, eat, drink water, tell jokes. when i go to school everyone's going to think i've turned into a piece of crap! AAH but i miss my school friends. but i don't miss wearing socks and shoes. school life would be so much ebtter if we all could wear slippers. the holidays have zipped by so quick i miss it already. ): time to study! but still better to remember to shop as much as possible before the gst increase! hah! okay i'm going to do my holiday homework now.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

i'm back from REAL camp, back from KL, and back from BURU!

i had such an awesome time! at first i was pretty worried 'cos i knew i'd have no time to study at all. which is true. i haven't studied a single teeny tiny bit. i was even contemplating missing either the camp or the mission trip. but i am SO glad i dind't miss any of it! okay but now i miss my school friends cos we havne't had the chance to hang out at all so far! poo on that. as for my a levels.. hahah. i have to rely on God's grace.

camp was pretty fun! i was the group leader (HAHAHA) and led my group to being the last. or second last. but i had fun with my group! we had the best cheer hahaha! and it was also a very good time with God.

KL wasn't very fun because we had no donuts. we'd be looking out desperately for donuts but everytime someone would spot it and yell "DONUTS" there'd be no way of driving back. boo! it was the first time there was so much space in the car cos we split to two of them. somehow i think being all squished together is half the fun! we played the abc game most of the way and i am veyr proud to be the only one who saw a word which starts with X. heheh.

buru was the best. i'm so glad my period only came on the last day!! blender junyao and i took the youngest class and they were soo adorable. ah jing was so cute especially when she smiles (: too bad sally didn't let us carry her but i always sneakily did so anyways cos she just loves to be hugged! aww! and zhiming who always needs to pee. and xiang gang jiao! and blender's weiliang. actually i love all the kids! aaah i'm so sad! i ate so much of the aunties food cos it was so good! i actually put on a whole lot of weight. maybe it's cos i dind't poo everything out like i usually do. i didn't poo enough for 12 days altogether including the camp and kl! no wonder i am a fat blob now. and the jetty was so nice. we snuck out to watch the stars at the jetty one night and it was so so pretty. so many stars! i saw a shooting star too. but you know actually the stars were so pretty it looked a bit fake. hahahahahahah. how retarded. when it's so pretty i think it's fake. i hope all the mosquitoes and bugs die.

the police found out we were teaching at buru and took all our passports. luckily we got it back. but now they're going to back it relaly difficult for the team which is currently there and the future teams and we have to pay a fine. everyone please pray thank you!


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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

GUESS WHAT? I HAVE HIVES!! DOESN'T THAT SOUNDS TOTALLY DISGUSTING? well actually it's just a rash. still a disgusting rash, but when rachel first told me it was hives i thought it was some disease that ate away at your skin or something. BUT it's still disgusting ti makes me look like OATMEAL and it itches like crazy. hives is quite exciting though!! it'll be so fun to disgust everyone completely. with my oatmeal arms and legs. together with my glasses i could scare the crap out of anyone! hah!

2:30 AM
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Saturday, April 07, 2007

i just remembered i'm supposed to pass treasure planet to min!! hahah.

i lost my phone! i was rushing to school because i was going to be late for gp. and i dropped it in the cab. i didn't realise it til i was in class and everything so i spent half the afternoon calling all the different cab companies hopefully i'll get it back! but what stupid person would want to take my phone?? it has a huge crack on the screen which costs more to repair the the phone itself. stupid thief must be kicking himself right now. like, "darn i lost my integrity for this piece of crap??"

anyways how uneventful. beng dropped his phone in the toilet so his phone was spoilt. and we were meeting to go westside. and his replacement phone was dead so we had totally no method of contact! (and i was late) but good thing we were on time in the end thanks to my dad! westside was really good tho i just hate it when they kill people off. it's just so sad.

i just love movie soundtracks cos there's this whole story behind it and it just gives everything so much more meaning. like life is a highway. it makes me think of lightning mcqueen! haha.

i love mint humbugs. they're like minty.. minty.. MINTYoverwhelmingly then suddenly it's like toffeeee! oooh lovely.

i realised i like going for concerts because i can buy flowers!! yay! too bad i don't ever perform so no one buys me flowers. i like pretty flowers. maybe one day i'll go amsterdam. i heard there're lotsa flowers there!

i'm so excited about easter! i bought a chocolate egg because it was on offer!! ( i saved $4 haha so aunty) also because Jesus got resurrected. but i confess i'm more excited about eating the egg than attending service. but i remember once i read this sweet story about this sunday school class. everyone had to put something in the egg that they felt represented new life best. everyone brought in beautiful items, a newly bloomed flower, a butterfly. but this boy with a weird illness brought an empty egg. the teacher thought he didn't understand the task given to him so he didn't ask him to present his egg to the class. but the boy explained that his egg was empty, cos when Jesus rose from the dead, he left an empty tomb! then sometime later the boy died and his class gave him many empty eggs.

at least that's what i remember of it!

okay i didn't realise it's so late already. mission trip training tmrw! onion rings with sandar and chelle at 12 (:

12:27 AM
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Monday, April 02, 2007

yesterday was band concert! boy was it tiring. but everyone played so well yay! and there were so many exciting things that happened. like all the instruments falling! haha! met the GEEKCLIQUE (i don't care that's what i'm calling us) to eat dinner and we ate at bakerzin which was my first time ahaha so suaku. but the food was not bad but too filling so i didn't get to eat dessert BAH. next time i guess. we bought such pretty flowers! for our booootiful friends! <3 lester's not counted cos he didn't want to come take my flower!! THREE HOURS after the start of the concert we all ran to catch a cab and went to some ulu place and started hopping all over the road looking oh so unglam. and still no taxi!! maybe they thought we were drunk when we were really just desperate.

oh and HAPPY APRIL FOOLS even to those who didn't get my prank. i'll get you all next time :D

anyways because of concert i went home late and stayed up to let my hair dry but i was watching aladdin the whole time and it was soooooooo nice i wish i was a pretty princess with personality so i could attract cute men with MAGIC CARPETS. then i could fly everywhere how exciting. it would be better than being part of a record breaking sky diving formation!

and so i was super tired in school today and i nearly fell off the stool during bio. i stayed with CAHCAH after school and we had fun slotting certificates into envelopes in the library hahah! :)

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

you are an self-absorbed bitch. go poo on yourself old woman.

oh well. so so tired. so many things to do! aah.

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